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World class dispatching built specifically for ski patrols

Control & Insight

The web based Dispatch system is the heart of Medic52 bringing together incident data, asset management, detailed reporting, and compliance into one place.

Dispatch is designed to give your dispatcher complete control over every incident in the resort, visibility of the patroller’s available, and the resources at their disposal to respond as required.

Managers use Dispatch as the access point to detailed reporting and trend analysis of activities in your operation – providing visibility of staff, assets, equipment and incidents.

As the platform of your operation Dispatch provides you with the single source of information to build an effective and beneficial risk management strategy with an efficient team around you.


  • Transparency of your operations
  • Improved risk management through real data
  • Management of assets and incidents
  • In-depth custom reporting on any data point
  • Compliance for controlled substances
  • Bring every incident closer to a full investigation (not just the ones you think you need)
  • Extensive up-to-the-minute reporting across all data
  • Accurate and complete case information
  • Save hours transferring data from paper forms
  • No lost or missing information, no paper fire hazard
  • Don’t miss information when you can’t read the hand writing
  • Quick and accurate reporting on any data collected
  • Liability can be quickly dealt with, through great information
  • No loss of data through fire, flood or theft
  • Full featured dispatch system

Easy to budget, simple pricing from $2.00/user

*Includes set up, support and continuous updates

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  • Free

     Free Feature List

    • Manage incidents online from anywhere
    • Update user profile
    • Manage devices on user account
    • Direct integration to the free Cases app
  • PRO

    Upgrade for these great features

    • Dispatch: Resort map with live updated case management
    • Dispatch: Assign and re-assign cases to patrollers
    • Dispatch: See exactly who is on what case and what status is is at
    • Dispatch: Status management from initial report to completion
    • Dispatch: Make notes on cases direct from map view as communications happen
    • Mapping: Map overlays with buildings and patroller names
    • Mapping: Map / Terrain / Satellite views
    • Forms: Data collection tailored based on your needs (legal & commercial)
    • Forms: Seamless integration with Medic52 Cases app
    • Forms: Print to your own PDF design for seamless change management
    • Forms: Use a standard form like e.g. NSAA / CWSAA and customise from there
    • Reporting: Dashboard for up to the moment review of key trends
    • Reporting: Heat map for discovering work hot spots
    • Reporting: Build your own report with any data point on timelines/pie/bar charts
    • Reporting: Group reports by day of week/hour of day/week of year/month or year
    • Reporting: Compare multiple timeframes e.g. last season to this season
    • Reporting: Save reports for easy execution later
    • Controlled Substances: Stock management & audit of controlled substances (drugs/explosives etc.)
    • Manage: Manage users their roles and devices
    • Audit: Full audit trail of every change made by every user
    • Security: Remote wipe a lost of stolen device to keep data safe
    • Security: Fully encrypted patient data with bank level AES-128 bit encryption
    • Security: Data encrypted across the internet with TLS 1.2 encryption
    • Customer: Integrate your customer resort app for patients to get help straight into Dispatch

Liability, Archiving, Security, Reporting – Solved.

Take a look

  • Our patrollers were quick to embrace the technology and we found that our error rate was reduced significantly in the first season due to the systems guidance for required fields and built in data checks.

    Cindy Hoalcraft
    Patrol Director, Toggenburg NY
  • We chose to implement Medic52 due to its ability to be a fully hosted application with future mobility design concepts in mind. It has been a fantastic solution for us and we look forward to using this application well into the future.

    Michael Fanning
    IT Manager, Perisher, a Vail Resorts Company

Happy & Safe Customers

Keep your customers and staff moving, and your risk management tight with Medic52 Dispatch.

Your dispatch is the central point of operations keeping your patrollers moving, tracking assets, taking emergency phone calls, and managing the coordination of external resources.

As a call comes in, your dispatcher quickly finds the location on the map, adding the report and notes on who called. As they dispatch a patroller, the case is assigned changing from red to green, signifying it is being dealt with.

The patroller uses Medic52 Cases on their smartphone to take photos on scene and add other information as it becomes available. This is available immediately with key situation and medical information ready for liaison with external medical services. Key personnel are automatically alerted by SMS or email when a critical incident occurs or a reported threshold is exceeded.

Meetings with your insurance adjuster and legal team are made easier with current and accurate information about each and every case, no handwriting to decipher, and full time stamped audit logs. Accident trends can be easily identified through detailed reporting, and your risk management strategy can be evidence backed.

Dispatch can stand alone on an installation using only computers in key locations, seamlessly integrated with Cases and our other tools.

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