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Information & Collaboration

Keep your team informed and connected with the Medic52 Team mobile app.

A patroller’s on the hill and needs to contact a fellow patroller, but it’s not necessarily urgent and doesn’t need to be on the radio. An app on his phone lets him easily look him up and text, call, or send an email.

A patroller is asked by a guest about the status of a trail on the other side of the mountain. She thinks she knows that the trail is open but the guest says it’s his favorite run. An app on her phone lets her check for sure and give the guest the best possible experience.

Another patroller is having a bit of downtime. Rather than wasting time on social media, he’s about to study up on mountain logistics. This too is in an app on his phone.

This are just a few examples of how Medic52 Team can make a patrol more informed and collaborative resulting in changes that result in both better patient outcomes and guest satisfaction. .


  • Information is available on-the-job, on-the-hill
  • The patrol schedule is easily accessible
  • Guests are informed with current, consistent information by patrollers
  • Patrollers can easily contact each other at any time enabling better communications and collaboration
  • Policies, procedures, and protocols are more consistently followed through always being available
  • Downtime to can more effectively leveraged through self-study
  • Exact locations on the mountain can be pinpoint marked

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*Includes set up, support and continuous updates

  • Free

    team-galaxy-500-500-knotsFree Feature List

    • Weather Warnings – Know the details of current storm warnings.
    • Current Weather – Check the current temperature and windspeed.
    • Weather Forecast – See OpenSnow’s snow sports-targeted five-day daytime and overnight forecasts with temperature, wind, and snowfall projections.
    • Avalanche Forecast – View a summary of avalanche risk levels. (Colorado only, others under development.)
    • Live Cams – View live conditions across the mountain.
    • Guest Maps – View guest maps of the mountain and base.
    • AED Locations – Ensure everybody knows the locations of public AEDs across the mountain and base.
    • Key Phone Numbers – Dial key phone numbers such as dispatch and poison control.
    • First Aid – During downtime, review assessment and triage acronyms and tips.
    • CPR – During downtime, review guidelines for adult, child, and infant basic life support.
    • Safety – Know the details of the Skier Responsibility Code and Smart Style safety programs to be read to explain safety well to any guest on the mountain.
    • Skills – Ensure everyone is on top of every knot.


    FREE Download

  • Pro

    team-galaxy-500-500-liftstatusUpgrade for these great features

    • Social Updates – Offer discussion among the patrol on a social media-style wall. This feature has been used for coordinating ride shares to and from the resort, informing where beers are after sweeps, and even to share a parent’s photo of a lost child in his ski gear, to help find the child more quickly.
    • Snow Conditions – Have access to the snow conditions, as reported to the public.
    • More Live Cams – Add more live cam feeds, such as department of transportation travel cams to facilitate travel planning and make sure everyone shows up for work on time.
    • Search-and-Rescue (Experimental) – In side-country and tree scenarios, let the first on-scene mark the spot exactly so that follow on resources can arrival more quickly, navigating using a map and indication of how far away and how far above you are the marked spot. With custom configuration, the resort’s public app can get the distressed party’s coordinates to send to the patrol.
    • More Maps – Add more maps, such as patrol-internal nickname maps.
    • Opening Procedures / Trail Checks – Ensure every patroller has in the pocket the steps necessary to open each trail on the mountain. Make sure no fence or sign gets forgotten after the prior night’s grooming.
    • Phones – Add more phones including easy access to dialling security, the locker room, the ready room, and more. Enable all patrollers to use downtime to review the locations of on-mountain phones so all of the resort’s resources can be effectively used in patrol activities.
    • Nicknames – Enable patrollers to review the sometimes obscure nicknames across the mountain. When dispatched, ensure each patroller has the confidence to proceed directly to the location.
    • Toboggans – Ensure everyone knows where toboggans are cached across the mountain, leveraging resources optimally and shaving minutes from response times when best resource to use is known to be available.
    • Closing Procedures / Sweeps – Some trails have rather complex closing procedures. Let patrollers refresh their knowledge at any time. With this kind of expertise always available in the pocket, ensure no one is left behind, the sweep is enjoyable, and everyone gets to their evening ahead.
    • Patrol Directory Search – Upload the full patrol roster and facilitate communications and collaboration among the team. Look up any fellow patroller and text, call, or email by simply clicking on the screen.
    • Patrol Calendar – Manage the patrol calendar and track credit days for a volunteer patrol. Let volunteers see the number of days they’ve gotten in at any time.

60% of Ski Patrollers use their smartphone for work purposes today

*World Ski Patroller Survey 2015

Watch a Video Walkthrough

Video 1:

– Social Media updates
– Snow conditions
– Weather
– Lift & trail status
– Live Cams

Video 2:

– GPS Location Finder – mark and find
– Maps – Internal and public
– Territories and Areas with sweeps
– Logistics and procedures

Video 3:

– Patrol Directory
– Reference information
– Calendaring
– Scheduling

Video 4:

– First Aid reference
– Safety / Code references
– Skills and Knots
– My Account features

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